How to login and reset password

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*** We integrated all exist account with INTECH manual into this new system, and now all customer can login manage all their packages.

In order to access login into this system, both new account or existing, they can follow the following step

  1. Existing account with reset new password

1. Go to:

2. Click on "Forgot your password"

Enter Email address of your account to send reset token to your email

After you fill in your email address and click on button Submit, you will see message below that tell you to check your email inbox

3. Check Email get reset password link

In your email inbox, click on button "Reset Password", after you clicked button you will see message below and system will generate new random password as temporary password to your email:

4. Check your email inbox again to get new random password

5. Login, go back to login again


Fill your email and new random password that your just got from your email click Submit button to login

After you login success, you should change password for your own security

6. Change password

Enter your own password

  1. Exist account without reset password

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